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Friction Saw

Friction Saws blades are designed for cutting sections of mild steel. Sawing of ferrous metal with this type of blade is done by friction which requires a fine tooth blade, operated at high arbor speed, these frictions saws are used for heavy duty cutting operations. Since friction blades actually burn through the stock, removing globules of metal rather than chips; some burring of the material may result. However, friction saws are superior to abrasive wheels where finish and cutting life are important. To avoid damaged blades and excessive burring, it is recommended that friction saw blades be changed frequently for sharpening. Friction saw blades are always inspected for flatness, tension, balance and cracks, on both new blades and when serviced.

Friction Saw Cutting

Friction Saw is a high-speed circular saw, usually toothless, that is used for cutting metals by using frictional heat to melt the material adjacent to it.

This is a particularly good cutting method on thicknesses up to 1/2". It is especially effective when cutting rings, discs and sketch plates or pattern pieces where tolerances of +/-1/16" can be maintained with a minimum of cost. Friction saw cutting gives a good square edge with no burr.

Manufactured from special steel and carefully tempered according to their purpose

APPLICATION OF FRICTION SAW : Steel Tube Cutting, Angle Cutting, Cutting Slabs, Steel Billets Cutting, Steel Plates, Tubes, Profiles, Fabrication, Structural, Decking.